TAMID at Lehigh

Pioneering the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs

What is TAMID

The TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization that gives students the opportunity to hone their business and entrepreneurial skills through hands-on interactions with the Israeli economy. TAMID offers a comprehensive education curriculum, pro-bono consulting for Israeli start-ups and capital market investment research. Additionally, TAMID Group nationals offers a nearly fully funded Fellowship program in Israel each summer for which all members can apply.

Why Israel

Often known as “Startup Nation”, Israel is home to more than 6,000+ startups. That is more startup companies per capita than any other country in the world and second only to the US in actual numbers. Israel is also home to one of the largest venture capital industries in the world. Israel has the third largest amount of companies traded on the NASDAQ and NYSE. Much of the technology used today, such as Intel Chips, SMS and firewall software were invented in Israel.



TAMID Consulting is a student-run pro-bono consulting practice where students work directly with Israeli companies on various projects and form professional international business relationships. The consulting team gets paired with an Israeli company on projects including: market and industry research, business development strategy and partnership strategy.

Investing Fund

The TAMID investment fund enables members to conduct due-diligence on Israeli stocks and manage a live portfolio. Each chapter competes in an organization-wide trading competition, where TAMID’s nationals invest in the winning chapter stock as part of the national TAMID investment portfolio.


TAMID's education program is designed to be the first formal exposure to business concepts with the Israeli economy for new members. Each new member is required to go through the education curriculum which lasts one quarter. Topics of the education program include: Introduction to Venture Capital Investing, Introduction to Stocks and Public Finance, and Introduction to Ideation and Startup Simulation.



Applications are Closed

We will recruit again in Fall 2022.

Summer Fellowship

The TAMID Group Fellowship is a nearly fully funded international experience where members from all 46 chapters have the opportunity to participate in a competitive 8-week summer internship program. This opportunity provides TAMID Group leaders with the chance to work with companies in Israel while living in Tel Aviv. The program is designed for participants to gain valuable skills through a summer internship as well as expand their knowledge of the Israeli economy.

Contact Us

Email: Lehigh@tamidgroup.org
instagram: @lehightamid